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Setting a big fat goal

When it comes to life, there are so many philosophies and mindsets that people approach life with. Some people like to take risks, some like to play it safe and some are in between.  Even the same person might change how they approach life based on the phase where they are.  An ambitious risk taker might not take the same risks when they are older, or when they have responsibilities.  Someone who played it safe all their life might go ALL IN, if they happen to lose everything and there is nothing more to lose.  Going all in, or partially in, or not in at all depends a lot on the context.  However, regardless of the amount of risk that one takes, it always helps to have a goal to get what you want. Not just another goal, but a big fat goal.  Let me explain.  Throughout my life, I have been using the different approaches that I specified above. There were times that I just accepted my fate and went with the flow. Times, when I took one step at a time and improved my situation. And finall
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You are not thinking it through


The World's Most Powerful People on 2014

Well YES fokes I choose these photographs on purpose and no offense to any of them. I just wanted put some smile on your faces. It was hard to find funny images of some people mentioned below , but eventually found one or two. As I found many funny images of Valdamir Putin , I'll be posting a set of funny putin in an upcoming post. So keep in touch to get smarter and knowledgeable everyday.  Vladimir Putin

Best of USA Night Clubs

Do you want to visit the best night clubs in USA ? After some research , I made a list of 10 Night Clubs in USA which the people who visited rated them as the best. Some of these might not agree with your rating , but they are quite awesome to have some quality time. Leave your comment about the selection and enjoy.  Beta Nightclub , Denver

Wine Art Photography

We all love to have taste of wine and older the greater. Also the glass we use to drink is too special and unique. Photographers have produced awesome , photographs using wine glass and its reflection. These are some of the finest. Enjoy.!

Latte Art Photography

While many agree that making a good cup of espresso is an art within itself, latte art refers to patterns made in the foam topping espresso drinks. Wait for more awesome photography. 

Adventure Cove - Sentusa Singapore

Promising endless splashes of fun, Adventure Cove Water-park is an aquatic adventure park with something for everyone. Feel the adrenaline rush as you zoom down thrilling water-slides such as Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster. Chill out with friends at Blu-water Bay wave pool, or grab a tube and journey down Adventure River. Dueling Racer,Pipeline Plunge,Riptide Rocket,Spiral Washout,Splash-works and Ray Bay are some of it. Experience it all at Adventure Cove Water-park.